Payment Savvy offers various processing solutions meant to fit just about every business. They help lots of industries like schools, ecommerce sites and government offices to cut costs as well as improve productivity. Using the most current software, Payment Savvy has a web-based payment processing solution to fit all business sizes. In this article, we tell you some of the businesses serviced by the company.

  1. eCommerce sites
    Payment Savvy can manage your eCommerce site and give you hassle-free and easy billing management. They allow you to focus on more crucial aspects of your business such as growing the sales by taking the inconveniences that come with self-handled billing software.
    From setting up payment systems to assisting your clients access payment gateway right from a mobile device, the company can help you stay ahead of the competition. They offer various services like setting for you payment processes and helping with money transactions among other things, and their customer reps are always on standby to provide any help.
  2. Property management
    Through their web-based payment system, Payment Savvy offers a fully integrated payment solution that allows your renters to not only pay you but also get information real-time. They offer a simple and accessible support system that can integrate effortlessly with most accounting and software systems. Offering you options of multiple ways of paying, you can smoothly accept all payments through credit cards, echeck, debit cards as well as any other payment method.
    The guys at Payment Savvy ( understand that property management can be frustrating especially about the account bit of it. The company says it has helped so many property management businesses to ease their payment system. This way, you will be able to reduce headache associated with organizing accounts receivables, handling deposits, tracking money and a lot more. Irrespective of the size of your property or the number of renters you have, they can help you demystify all data.
  3. Utility and Billing companies
    Payment Savvy understands how complex the external and internal processing of bills and payments can be. For this reason, they have designed a fully united system to enable their clients fully and seamlessly integrate energy & utility payment processing. Their utility payment solutions will enable you escalate the energy usage awareness, process payments and billing rates. By hiring Payment Savvy, you will end the headaches of receiving, billing, and paying your staffs’ utility invoices. Thanks to their system, customers can easily know their billing and usage cycles.

Payment Savvy uses automatic systems. You or your customers only have to key in their information and their secure gateway will process payments fast. They use real-time data to enable you get status of you account not only quickly but also accurately. You will be in a position to view changes and also see all posted payments the moment they receive payments. This way, your staff can not only run reports but also see updates weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The company has helped many businesses streamline their payments and billing solutions. Whether its commercial, residential or public offices, they can help you.

Brenda Frazer

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