While it may be true that no job is easy, running your own business can be brutally hard on anyone. It not only takes enormous commitment in terms of the number of hours you spend on the business, but you have to be ready to develop a thick skin so that you don’t take setbacks personally. But it also means that you are the brain trust behind the idea, so you have to make smart decisions to keep it floating high.

Finding the right people can be key; so is the right set of tools for those employees. Today that means identifying the kind of software that can make a small business able to compete with the big guys. It can help if you have a company like AlfaPeople to help you identify what software tools will be the best for success. Here are some of the best software programs that help businesses of every size and stripe swim with the sharks in today’s deep business waters.

Know the Company Needs

You can’t choose the product you need it you aren’t sure what everyone needs. It starts by having everyone on staff put together a list of “must-haves” and an explanation of what they need that software to do for them. Once you have that list put together, you can then compare apples to apples when it comes to identifying what brands and vendors can provide what you need.

Are Their Deal Breakers in that List?

Every department will probably have a list of these as well. It might be how the data is configured or where it resides. It might be a requirement regarding security for your industry or a government requirement if you have government contracts. Find these deal breakers and see where they limit your list of potential vendors.

Choose an Integrated Product

It is really hard to work together if every department is on a different platform. That is why many companies turn to major companies such as Microsoft for a complete suite of tools from the well-known office suite Word and Excel to their IT management tool Provance ITSM.

This allows a business to integrate every element from word processing to scheduling meetings to software development into one integrated package that everyone can share and use. Whether you choose to host the programs on-site or find a cloud based hosting service, you have it all right there and able to deliver what you need in a form everyone on your team can see, touch and understand.

Bring the Team on Board

Once the decision is made, it is important that everyone gets on board with the end result. This may mean getting company wide training on the new system. It does not mean you have to call endless meetings, but communication on what this new software means for the company is important.

How is the rollout being handled and is everyone included in the process of that decision? While you want to employees to participate in the choosing of the new software, once that decision is made you need everyone to support it and understand how it works

Be active in finding where help is needed and if more training is required for certain key users. Include everyone in the whole process from start to finish and you will find the software is not only integrated from department to department but also from person to person.

Brenda Frazer

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